Overview of the Course

This course involves reading several sections of the USDA publication, "Nutrition and Your Health: Dietary Guidelines for Americans," and accompanying materials. Each section is done in html format. You may view the readings online or print them from pdf's.

The course is divided into three units, with specific readings, activities and recipes. You will need to complete each activity and submit it to the instructor. This web site is designed to guide you through the three units to complete the entire course. You will be directed through the following steps:

1. Unit 1: Aim For Fitness
a. Readings
b."Assess Your Activity"
c. Optional Activities and Recipes
2. Unit 2: Build a Healthy Base
a. Readings
b."ABC's Meal & Snack Plan"
c."Assess Your Meals for Fiber"
d. Optional Activities and Recipes
3. Unit 3: Choose Sensibly
a. Readings
b."ABC's Meal & Snack Plan"
c. "Assess Your Meals for Fat"
d. Optional Activities
4. Conclusion
5. Course Evaluation

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Please Install

Some of the readings are in PDF format, you must have Acrobat Reader 4.x or higher installed. Please go here to download the latest version. There will be at least three pdf's that you will want to download and read.

If you prefer to receive paper copies of all the materials or are having any difficulties navigating the web site, email Rita Brennan Olson at ritabo@nutrition.umass.edu or call (413)545-0552

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This course was developed by UMass Extension - Nutrtion Education Program with funding from the Massachusetts Department of Education USDA Team Nutrition Grant, in cooperation with the University of Massachusetts STEM Education Institute