Planet Earth: A Science And Methods Course For Preservice And Inservice Teachers

Monday, Aug. 13 to Friday, Aug. 17, 2001. Instructors: Richard Yuretich and Steve Schneider (UMass) and staff.

The UMass Planet Earth Education Program (Planet Earth) was funded for 3 years by a grant from NASA's Mission to Planet Earth (MTPE) program. We are pleased to offer it once more with a grant from the Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium. It will serve preservice teachers and inservice teachers (grades 4-9). This program will be offered for the third and probably last time this coming summer. It has been very popular and has been filled to capacity each time, so apply early if you are interested.

Each day will focus on an important earth-systems area: acid rain, global warming, the water cycle, oceans and climate, and planetary environments. The content sessions will employ student-active learning methods, and will be integrated with web based, hands-on, and field based activities.  The day ends with an examination of related classroom issues such as the curriculum frameworks and assessment. Each participant will develop and implement a lesson plan or curriculum unit during the fall semester.

Inservice teachers will participate in a fall semester program of classroom earth systems research plus two Saturday workshops. They will be eligible for 3 graduate credits in Geosciences or Education or 42 “Professional Development Points.” Tuition and fees will be approximately $270 for participants receiving credits; there will be no charge for PDP’s. Preservice teachers will attend academic year workshops devoted to additional science teaching methods. They will receive three credits for Education 462, Elementary Science Methods.

To register, contact Eugenie Harvey,, 413-545-1290. Questions should be addressed to Morton Sternheim,,  413-545-1908. The course website, presents the syllabus and other course materials.