Summer Research Opportunity for Future Teachers 

Here is some information about a program that provides summer research internships at Department of Energy laboratories for pre-service teachers from CETP collaboratives.  It is the Department of Energy Pre-Service Teacher Program (PST), a collaboration between NSF and DOE.   This sounds like a great opportunity for our pre-service teachers.

Students at the eight colleges in the STEMTEC Collaborative are eligible to spend the summer at Brookhaven National Laboratory. These colleges are Amherst, Smith, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire, and UMass, plus Greenfield, Holyoke, and Springfield Technical Community Colleges.

Applications are accepted between Dec. 1 and Feb. 1.

Here is a summary and the website for further information.  .


Pre-service Teacher Program Description

A DOE/NSF Collaboration


To enhance the nation’s source of proficient teachers of K-12 science, mathematics, and technology.




As evidence of an understanding of the “Scientific Enterprise” each Pre-service Teacher will:

To demonstrate an understanding of the educational applications in a way that specifically builds upon and incorporates the laboratory experience into a classroom setting, each Pre-service Teacher will:

Roles of :

Mentor Scientist- This is the laboratory scientist who has chosen to work with the Pre-service Teacher after reviewing their application.  The Mentor Scientist will: introduce the student to their laboratory and their specific field of interest; provide the student with a project to work on; make sure the student receives the proper instrument training to perform their work, and generally support the student’s scientific efforts while at the DOE National Laboratory.  

Master Teacher- This is a secondary school teacher who is familiar with both the scientific research environment of a particular National Lab and is adept in transferring technical knowledge to an educational setting.  Each Master Teacher has been assigned to 6 or fewer students and will organize and present a number of enrichment activities. The Master Teacher should be depended upon to help the students with their abstracts, research papers, oral presentations and education modules.  They will meet regularly (at least weekly) with the scientific mentors of each student and check on the students’ progress and support the Mentor Scientists in their mentoring efforts. Through this interaction and by working with the students, the Master Teacher will become quite familiar with each student’s research project.  They will be accessible to the students on a daily basis and each week work with only the 6 students of the PST group for an entire day (depending on the Master Teacher this may be broken into two 4-hour days).  The Master Teacher is the most central organizing force in the program.

Pre-Service Teacher- This is the student who, through a desire to be an outstanding teacher, has chosen to spend an intensive ten weeks of challenging and rewarding work at one of the most unique scientific laboratories in the world. 


Selection Criteria , Participating Students, Eligibility

Academic Background

 Application to Include

Master Teacher

Mentor Scientist


Sharon M. Palmer, Ph.D.

Student Services Director


436 LGRT/Univ. of Massachusetts     Phone:  413-545-0734

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