Schedule for STEM CONNECTIONS Summer Institute 2004 Revised 06-Jul
  Tues Wed Thurs Fri Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
  06-Jul 07-Jul 08-Jul 09-Jul 12-Jul 13-Jul 14-Jul 15-Jul 16-Jul
8:30 Coffee Coffee,streams Coffee,streams Coffee,streams Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
9:00 1. Intro 4. Personal web site 6. Watershed 8. Global warming 10. Envir. Panel 13. Research selection 16. Personal  Research 19.Personal Research 21. Update pers web site 
          11. Frameworks 14. About personal res     22. Evaluation
12:00 Lunch       Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch  
12:30 2. Project I Lunch Lunch Lunch          
1:00   5. Arsenic 7. Growth and Development 9. Birds, mammals 12. Intro to Powerpoint, group reports on project 2 15. Personal Research 17. Collaboration workshop 20. Personal Research  
3 3. Project 2, streams       or Managing Digital Images Wrapup/ Journals 18. Project Evaluation Wrapup/ Journals  
4:30 -5:00   Wrapup/ Journals Wrapup/ Journals Wrapup/ Journals Wrapup/ Journals  
Lunch will be served at 12 on the first day and at 12:30 otherwise. If you have specific food needs, contact Sharon Palmer.
1. Welcome, community web, community building activities
2. One session inquiry project
3. Multi-day inquiry project (streams)
4. Personal home page - part of getting people to know each other
5. Inquiry project 1, The Arsenic Project
6. Inquiry project 2, Watersheds
7. Inquiry project 3, Growth and Development
8. Inquiry project 4, Global Warming
9. Inquiry project 5, Bird Biology
10. Community Environmental Panel
11. Group activity linking research threads to frameworks, curriculum, MCAS, school resources
12. Powerpoint workshop or Photoshop Elements workshop on Managing Digital Images; group reports on multi-day project
13. Research teams selection: informal conversation followed by teachers making their own assisgments
14. What's involved in the personal research project
15-16, 19-20. Research teams do additional activities, start personal research
17. Building collaborations and relationships
18. STEM Connection Project Evaluation findings
21. Update personal web site with personal research plan
22. Evaluation