August 13, 2002



STEM Connections is in its embryonic phase. The overall agenda has been sketched out, but many aspects of the program need to be developed, mainly by the participants. Foremost is the question of its actual classroom implementation. Each Fellow will work with one or two teachers for a total of 10 hours per week in the classroom. The Fellow is a professional colleague, not a student teacher, and will work with the teacher in implementing the research program. Since these projects must fit into the overall context of the classroom, they will not take up all this time every week. Rather, the Fellows will also serve as a Scientist in Residence, helping with the overall science education program of the class. The Fellow and the classroom teacher will together determine the best way to use the Fellow’s time and knowledge. The research teams will explore this question Friday morning.


1.      Photo Gallery: Yesterday’s photos are on the web.

2.      Technology forms: We are still missing a few forms. Please turn them in today...

3.      Evaluation: We did not get all the forms yesterday. Please turn them in this morning..

4.      Graduate credit: Teachers should get their forms in as soon as possible.

5.      Revised research team descriptions: We have new descriptions for Birds and Bugs and for Biometrics of Growth and Development. These replace those sent to you earlier and posted on the web site.

6.      Locations: We will be in Hasbrouck this morning except for an excursion to the ornithology lab in Morrill. In the afternoon, we will move to Lederle Graduate Towers 1033 for the fast plants workshop. We will not return to Hasbrouck, so afterwards you can bring all your stuff along if you wish and go directly to the parking lot.

7.      The community web activity comes from a book by Joseph Cornell entitled Sharing Nature With Children (Paperback - March 1998). It costs less than $10 through Amazon.Com and contains many environmental activities for students.  If you would like to use the animal/plant/resource cards from the Community Web activity, see Kathy, Kelly, or Claudette about checking them out. We made them to be used.