August 15, 2002




1.      1. Team list: As we had hoped, we were able to give everyone a team assignment that was at or near the top of his or her list in suitability. And, as we discussed, we encourage teachers to draw on the other research projects that also fit their classroom agendas.

Water:          Tara, Cathie

Ozone:          Debbie

Birds/bugs:   Joann, Sue, Tammy

Fast plants:   Maureen, Beth

Pollutants:     Alison, Bob

Shape/growth: Shawn


2.      Food today: Box lunches will be available in the morning for those going on field trips and at noon for the others. Break times will be decided by each team; the usual snacks will be in Hasbrouck 206.


3.      Friday team progress reports: We’d like each teacher to create a very simple poster reporting on their progress to date. This would include a tentative personal research project and whatever thoughts you have so far about classroom implementation. We will share these on Friday afternoon.


4.      Class web sites: We’ve used the web a lot, but we have not talked about your class web site. The Fellows have had web-authoring training and will be able to work with you and your students on putting their work online on UMassK12.

5.      Conference travel again: We will have a form online by next week for you to apply for travel funds for the conferences listed yesterday. We will also entertain requests for funding attendance at other conferences, especially ones at which you will present.


6.      Fellows’ graduate credits: Fellows who completed the methods course in June may register during add/drop in September for Education 512, Teaching Science in the Middle and High School, to receive 3 graduate credits. They will also be eligible for additional education credits during the academic year associated with the course in Springfield. Kathy is working on the course number for this. If you want to explore further issues in the area of diversity, you can take or audit Ed 892B, Social Context of Schools and the Politics of Reform, which will be offered by Kathy this fall.