STEM Connections RFP – 08/02


STEM Connections


Research Grant – Request for Proposal


STEM Connections participants may apply for funds for curriculum materials for STEM Connections projects.  (“Curriculum materials” may be loosely interpreted to include such expenditures as science equipment and other materials, software, videos, field trip expenses, etc. that will enhance your students’ experience.)  Initial expenditures may total up to $500.


Attach a description of the proposed activity of not more than 500 words.  In addition, list the various items for which STEM Connections funds are needed, together with an estimate of the cost of each (for an estimated budget).


Please send this request to:


Sharon Palmer

STEMTEC/STEM Connections

225 Hasbrouck Laboratory


Amherst, MA  01003


Please feel free to contact Dr. Palmer if you have any questions:  413-545-0734 or



Name:  _______________________________________________


Date:  ________________________________________________


Project Title:  __________________________________________


School:  _______________________________________________









Additional RFP forms are available on the STEM Connections website: