Web Links from John Pickle

User guides and help movies for the AnalyzingDigitalImages software (plus other useful docs):
http://www.lawrencehallofscience.org/gss/rev/ip/index.html - you may also download the MovieTracker software (free) from this site.

Measuring Vegetation Health (MVH) website, which has activities and content for learning how to use the software to study our local environment:

Digital Earth Watch website (which is a trimmed down and updated version of the MVH website:

PicturePost website: place to share and get PicturePost photos (plus guides to get you started):

ColorCube (great source on the basics of color in light and pigment): http://colorcube.com/

Movie on how to use digital movies in the science classroom:
iTunes U: K-12: National Association of Independent Schools: NAIS 2010-11 Teachers of the Future Videos: Using Digital Movies in Science (it is only 5:48 minutes long!)
Plant Stress Detection Glasses:

Infrared Goggles:
Build your own for ~ $10 each: http://www.amasci.com/amateur/irgoggl.html

Place to order near IR cameras (+ UV and visible light):