Polar Ice

Introductory PowerPoint. Mort Sternheim

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Monthly Arctic and Antarctic NOAA images are online for download from November 1978 to date:

These are sorted by month, with one folder with January images for all years, etc. The images have the extent of the ice coverage printed on them and are in .png format, one of the standard image formats recognized by ADI..

For convenience, we have downloaded the 2010 images, the March images for all years, and the September images. These have been collected in zip files.

We have also removed the ice coverage information and converted the files from .png to .jpg format.

The web site does not give the size of the pixels; we have estimated it by comparing our measured extent areas with the stated values.. Most of the images are 420 x 500 pixels; the corresponding pixel size appears to be about 31 km.

A few Arctic ice sample images.