Adding a counter to UMassK12s User Home Pages

Adding a counter to UMassK12s User Home Pages

To add a counter to your web page, place the following HTML code in your web page:

<img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?df=USERNAME.FILENAME">

The string between ? and " is called the QUERY_STRING. Make sure there are no newlines in the <img src= line and no space in the QUERY_STRING. In this example the string is: df=USERNAME.FILENAME. The df means datafile and USERNAME.FILENAME specifies the counter datafile. The counter stores the hits in this file. This datafile is automatically generated if one does not exist. To make sure that you are counting the hits on your page, and not someone else's, replace USERNAME with your username, and FILENAME with the name of the file whose hits you are counting.

For example, if your username is james and you are putting a counter on a page called afterstep.html your datafile name would be james.afterstep.html

Options other than the datafile may be specified in the QUERY_STRING. To seperate the options use the "pipe" (|). Two useful commands are ft=0 which turns off the bordering frame (other frame sizes may be specified as well), and dd=A dd selects the digit directory, and will change what the digits look like. Your options are:

A styleA
B styleB
C styleC
D styleD
E styleE

Continuing the above example, if you wanted to use style D, and turn off the borders, your full command would be:

<img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?df=james.afterstep.html|dd=D|ft=0">

A complete list of options can be found by clicking here. Still need help?