Passwords on UMassK12s

Password Security

A computer system can be only as secure as its users make it. The most influential contribution a user can make to system security is choosing what is known as a secure password. A secure password is one that fits the following criteria: Including punctuation will further enhance the security of your password; however, do not use the asterisk (*). Remember, you are responsible for all activity on your account. It is, therefore, in your best interests to choose a secure password so that others will be able to easily access your account.

If you choose an insecure password, you will receive notification requesting that you change it. Failure to do so within several days will result in it being changed automatically. Should this happen, you will need to contact the UMassK12 administration team directly to receive your new password.

Changing your password

Changing your password on K12s is relatively simple. You must have a telnet client installed and configured on your system.
  1. Telnet to K12s
  2. At the "login:" prompt, enter passwd.
  3. Enter your username at the prompt.
  4. Enter your old password at the prompt.
  5. Enter your new password at the prompt. The system will ask you to enter it twice to be sure you typed it correctly.
If you have trouble with this system, please mail us with your problem!
Last modified November 13, 1996
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