Using an FTP Program for Web Pages

Setting up a web page involves sending a specially coded computer file electronically to a special area in your host computer called the public_html directory. Like your email directory, a password is needed to access that particular storage area. An FTP program (software that allows "file transfer protocol") is needed to send files from a folder on one computer to a folder (or directory) on another computer. A file placed in a public_html directory at a host computer is then accessible by a world wide web browser like Netscape.

UMassk12s provides account holders with FTP software in the graphics disk packages. If you are using our UMass Windows 3.1 or '95 packages, you have a program called WS_FTP. Our Mac package includes a similar program called Fetch. Both programs allow you to transfer files between your computer and UMassk12s or another remote computer.

To set up your home page on UMassk12s, you need to send the file called index.html to your public_html directory in your UMassk12s account. A browser like Netscape will search to find the index.file. That will be the name of your homepage, although the word "index" will be hidden. Your page will have this kind of an address:
If you are using Fetch on a Mac:
 (Note: these directions are offered for participants in a workshop using a University Mac lab, however a very similar procedure would be used at a different location)
Click the Apple and drag to Fetch to open the Fetch program.
For Host, enter
For User ID, enter your username on UMassk12s
For Password, enter your UMassk12s password
For Directory, enter public_html
Click on OK.
You will get a new screen. Click Ascii and then click on Put File...
You will see a choice of files, including your index.html on the floppy.
Double click on index.html. This will give you a new screen with
"Save file on as..."
Click on OK and the file should transfer (the dog icon will "run").
Using FTP at home
If you use Fetch, you will go through the same steps stated above and transfer the index.html or other files from the appropriate folder.
If you have a windows machine, you must call your home page index.htm (not html). Click on the ws_ftp icon (or START menu item). You will fill in the apprpriate blanks with the host, username, password and click on OK. Your screen will have two parts to the window, one for UMassk12s and one for your PC. Click the appropriate buttons to change to the public_html directory on UMassk12s and to the directory on your machine which contains index.htm. Double click on index.htm to transfer it to UMassk12s. Then, on the UMassk12s side of the display, click on rename and change index.htm to index.html.
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