How to upload your home page (index.html) to using WS_FTP

    (Other FTP clients such as SSH for Windows or Fetch for the Mac are similar in operation)

1. You must be connected to the Internet via a modem or network connection.

2. Start WS_FTP by clicking on its icon (or using Start/Program to locate it.)

3. Log into your account via WS_FTP

4. In the RIGHT window, change to your public_html directory if one exists by double clicking on it. (f it does not exist, click on MkDir to create a public_html directory, then switch to it.) 

5.  In the LEFT window, locate your index.html and/or other files on your computer. Use the ChgDir button and/or up arrow in  the left section to access the correct directory or drive. (Enter a:\ if your files are on a floppy.)

6. Select  the file(s) you want to transfer. (Multiple files can be selected by holding down the Ctrl key while you left click on the filenames.)

7. Transfer your marked file(s) by clicking the right arrow between the two windows. (Alternatively, if you want to transfer a single file, you can select and transfer it immediately by double-clicking.)

8. That should be it. (Note that if you have large files and/or a slow connection, this can take a while. Progress is reported near the bottom of the WS_FTP window.)

9. You can see your page in Internet Explorer or Netscape at:


Note that you can download  WS_FTP in either a free LE version or a more advanced PRO version from