UMassK12s Software Upgrades

UMassK12s Software Upgrades

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Creating User Home Pages

Home page model, instructions

Winsock Applications Software A site with many useful programs


K12s uses an HTML-based user interface. The vast majority of the resources we provide is accessed through Netscape, our recommended World Wide Web browser. Our Mac and IBM distribution disks come with Netscape 2.01, but later versions of Netscape have been released.


Eudora is an application that allows you to access your k12s mailbox. This functionality is duplicated in the new version of Netscape (2.0), but users of version Netscape versions 1.22 and below need something like Eudora to read and reply to their mail here. Eudora exists for both Windows and Macintosh machines.

E-Mail Connection (for Windows)

E-Mail Connection is a free, easy-to-use, full-featured email program. It includes a spell checker, advanced address book and mailing list features, and the ability to attach files to email messages. If you have several people using the same computer, it lets each one access their own mail. It has password protection that keeps everyone's mail private! You can also use the program to check your mail on serveral servers if you have multiple accounts. (There is no Mac version of this program.)

Size: 1323K

Pegasus Mail (for Windows, Mac)

Pegasus is another full-featured mail program that supports multiple users and multiple mail servers, offers password protection, etc.

EWAN Telnet

EWAN Telnet allows you to connect and directly interact with other hosts on the Internet. EWAN will not be of use to all users since an account on another machine is required to log in. EWAN is useful for users who wish to create their own World Wide Web pages on UMassK12, since you can use it to telnet into K12 when you are logged in using SLiRP.

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