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The latest netscape (version 2) is fully conversant with the GIF89a, which can have multiple images in the one GIF file, an option not normally used. These images can form an animation sequence, and netscape v2 will display this animation without the need for java, server pushing, or any other weird and complex arrangements, and does so with little load on the client system.

Other browsers, not understanding this special GIF option, would only display the first image within the animation, and ignore the rest. Java animations in such browsers just result in a blank space, so GIF animation is much better and cleaner.

The images in this directory are GIF animation files. The small netscape image being the first such image I have seen.

NOTE: You can download ALL these images and more from the main Image Index.

Applogies for not displaying these images directly, too many animation images on one page (unless the same image file) causes netscape to slow too much to see their effect properly.:-(

GIF Animation Images

aicons netscape mozilla starroll

Flashing Balls
red blue green yellow grey -- red blue green

Animated Lines
owl (blinking)

PS: Most of these GIF Animations are generated using a animation script via ImageMagick

Dated: 21 March 1996
Anthony Thyssen, < anthony@cit.gu.edu.au>