[AIcons Symbol] Anthony's WWW Images (Framed)

Mirrors of This Library

AIcons WWW Images Central Server
-- Anthony Thyssen <anthony@cit.gu.edu.au>
US S.Carolina Mirror of WWW Images
-- Liankui Sun <sun@alice.ece.scarolina.edu>
French Mirror of WWW Images
-- Girard Gachelin <gg@lirmm.fr>
Italian Mirror (Video on Line)
-- Mario Cocco <cocco@vol.it>
VisiCom Network Services
-- Unknown
Troubador Systems Mirror of WWW Images
-- Stephen Clayton <stecla@troubador.com>
Thammasat University (Computer Science) -- Thailand
-- Nopchai Tangtritham <nung@ranger.tu.ac.th>
Keio University (Math) -- Japan (gzip tar file avail)
-- Mitsuhiro Yonezu <www@math.keio.ac.jp>

Also for a good example of using these images on your server I refer you to
Thammasat University (Dept Computer Science) Server

If you wish to mirror this archive, download and unpack the archive below. Then when you are ready, mail me so I can add you to the above list and any announcment information.

Readme and Downloads

The image example documents show all the images available in this collection to anyone in the world. Any other images in this directory not displayed by these links are logos and symbols of use only on this server itself.

All the images given pre-converted to the GIF format from Anthony's Icon Library where they are stored as X bitmaps and X pixmaps. Please feel free to take a visit and download any and all icons you find there.

Netscape users can download a displayed image by pressing the rightmost mouse button over the image so that a menu appears. A ``Save Image'' option is then available in this menu. For other client users, some of the images are linked so just selecting the image will (depending on your client) download the image to a local viewer.

To make downloading these icons easier, I have provided the following archives of the available WWW icons shown ...

[grab] Gzip'ed Tar Archive (.tar.gz) for UNIX users. (~330 Kbytes)
[grab] Official FTP site for AIcons
[grab] Directory Indexes to download individual images.

For Mirror Coordinators I have written a small shell script called "images_mirror" which uses the lynx WWW client to download the above tar file and automatically unpack it. This script will allow you to set up a `cron job' to automatically download and un-tar these images on a regular basis for use on your server.

PC Users please note: The link ``Zip Archive for PC users'' was discontinued because...

  1. Most of my icon collection, AIcons, are first and foremost, a X Windows Icon Collection, which is UNIX based where TAR archives are prevailent (ZIP is PC Based not UNIX). This WWW Collection is a sub-set of that larger collection.

  2. Zip Archives of GIF files are, on average, 10 times larger than the same Gziped Tar file. For the reason for this look at GZip'ed Tar Archives vs Zip Archives.

  3. Filenames used in my collection are longer than the DOS convention file system of 8 charcaters plus a 3 character suffix. As such PC users will, in any case, have problems with files overwriting each other.

I do not at this time plan to make the ZIP archive available again, but PC users can still de-archive the ``Gziped Tar'' by getting the source to both the GZip compression program and a Tar Archive Program from...
  • The program source for ``Gzip'' (a compression program, not an archiver) and a unix tar archiver ``Gtar'' is available in the gnu source area on your nearest major FTP site (Such as Washinton Uni FTP Archive

  • PC users can find both GZip and a Tar archive extractor DeTar or even a full tar archiver Tar binaries from the SimTel PC archive mirrors on all the major ftp sites around the world (look under msdos, or simtel sub-directories).

  • OS/2 Users can use, GTar and GZip from the hobbes FTP archive.

  • Dated: 30 May 1995
    Updated: 26 April 1996
    Anthony Thyssen, <anthony@cit.gu.edu.au>