Leadership Training

In various places in this Handbook, mention has been made of additional follow-up activities beyond the 18 months. Although we recognize that these also add to the cost of a project, we are describing them here so that project leaders can think about ways to support these additional learning experiences. We were able to provide some financial support for these activities (travel expenses for presentations, stipends for participation in writing groups or serving as co-leaders of modified projects). There might be other ways to provide incentives (credit, meeting school inservice requirements) for these activities. Participation in these activities was voluntary. Of our 117 Scholars, 85 have participated in one or more post-program activities: 71 Scholars gave presentations, 36 participated in writing groups, and 26 have served as co-leaders of modified projects.

These activities serve a number of purposes:

We have included specific Leadership Training activities and procedures from the NSF/5C5C Project.