Project Description: Introduction

The NSF/5C5E Handbook is based on our NSF/5C5E Project (TPE 9150262), the Five College Education in the Earth's Environment, Ecology, and Energy Project. Now completed, NSF/5C5E gave teachers an opportunity to understand the nature of scientific research by actually designing and carrying out original research projects in environmental science. It also gave them the knowledge and tools needed to offer a similar experience to their own students.

In 5C5E, two cycles of 60 teachers (5C5E Scholars) participated in a program of at least 16-months duration, including three spring workshops, a three-week summer institute, six academic year meetings, a one-week summer institute, and optional follow-up activities. Scholars were members of a specific research community made up of 15 or 20 colleagues and members of the larger 5C5E community. In the last years of the project, we experimented with a number of shorter, more intensive (and less expensive) approaches. In all versions, teachers learned how to do research themselves and then helped their students to undertake their own research.

The Project Description is designed as a series of linked documents - these descriptions, in turn, are linked to the sections of the Handbook. For more information on those sections, go to the Handbook Introduction.