[STEM Education Institute]

 Science and Engineering Saturday Seminars
Spring 2001 [Seminars description]

The Seasons

Fast Plants  

A World in Motion

Fall 2001  [Seminars description ]
Spring 2002 [Seminars description]



A World in Motion II

Seeing the Light

Fall 2002 [Seminars description]


Water Quality and Supply

Spring 2003 [Seminars Description]

Kitchen Chemistry


What's in Our Water

Fall 2003 [Seminars Description]

Food Safety

Geology Field Trip

Environmental Evolution

Teaching Basic Physics

Fall 2004 [Seminars Description]

            Adaptive Technology


Spring 2005 [Seminars Description]

Waves, light, sound

  Fall 2006

           A Walk Through The Jurassic
           Astronomical and Nature Optics
           Evolution and Intelligent Design




Planet Earth Workshops [Planet Earth Home Page]

Summer 1998 

Summer 1999  

Summer 2000

Summer 2001



STEMTEC events [STEMTEC Home Page]

Statewide Institutes

    Summer 1999  

    Summer 2000

Pathways to Change Conferences

    June 28-29, 2000  Hampshire College

    June 28, 2001 UMass

    April 18-21, 2002  Arlington, VA 


STEM Adventures.  [STEM Adventures Home Page]

   Workshops for girl scouts

       October 25, 2003 Fun Physics, Food and the Environment.

       November 1, 2003; April 10, 2004 May 1, 2004 Fun Physics, Kitchen Chemistry


   Workshops for cub scouts  

       September 11, 2004 Fun Physics, Kitchen Chemistry

Other Events and Programs