The UMass Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Institute (STEM) and UMassK12 are pleased to announce the following fall workshops for K12 teachers:

Light, Mirrors, and Shadows: A workshop series for K-3 Teachers

     Presenters:  Barbara Filmore - H.B. Lawrence School, Holyoke 
                  Steve Murray - Holyoke Public Schools 
                  Chris Emery - Amherst Regional High School 
Three four-hour hands-on content workshops will provide teachers from kindergarten to grade 3 with an understanding of concepts related to light, shadows, and mirrors that are first introduced in the primary grades. Workshop themes and topics will be developed in accordance with the Massachusetts Science and Technology Frameworks.

This workshop series will be based on materials developed by Operation Primary Physical Science (OPPS). This is an NSF funded program that also trains the workshop presenters, and complements the earlier Operation Physics program aimed at higher grade levels. The goal of OPPS is to improve grade K-3 teachers' understanding of physical science concepts that are first introduced in the primary grades, and to do this in a way that enables teachers to appropriately enlarge and enrich the physical science learning experiences they provide to the children in their classrooms. OPPS workshop activities require only everyday or inexpensive materials.

The workshops will be held at UMass Amherst, 4-8 PM, on Wednesdays September 25, October 9, and October 23. Participants will also receive free UMassK12 accounts and training. A charge of $30 will cover all course materials plus three suppers. Teachers completing the workshops will receive 12 PDPs. For more information or to register, contact Mort Sternheim, 545-1908,, or Chris Emery, This workshop series is funded by an Eisenhower grant.