Pathways 2002 Schedule
Featured speakers Panels (1 hour) Symposia (90 minutes) Workshops Papers
Time Ballroom Wilson/Harrison Jackson Jefferson Salons Commonwealth
8:30 Welcome - NSF - Norm Fortenberry
8:35 Prince "Reform or Revolution"
9:30 Break Break Break Break Break Break
9:45 Siebert "College Pathways to the Science Education Standards" Ross "Research Internships for Teachers and Teachers-In-Training" Dean "Across-the-Curriculum Mathematics Courses.." Lee "Inquiry Facilitated by Computers"  McCray "The Colorado/Sun Collaborative" Ebert-May " Assessment - Data collection with a purpose"
10:45 " Break Break Break " "
11:00 " An "The Use of Alternative Assessment Leads.."  Oh "An Innovative Mathematics Preparation Initiative Program" Emery and Murray "How Do You Know If They “Got It” " "
11:15 Break " " "   "
11:30 Goodell "Northeast Ohio Model Schools Project"Paper:Ref Ward, "Collaborative Supervision" Peelle "Alternative Modes for Teaching Mathematics " Wyckoff "Evidence for Success in Reforming an Intro Physics Course" " "
11:45 Reisert "Is More Content Enough?"
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:00 Slakey "Institutionalizing Grant-Funded Innovations in Teaching" Travis "..Undergraduate Sci Ed Majors as Teaching Assistants.." Bravo and Aguirre "Assessing Conceptual Understanding.."
1:30   Dardis "The Use of Computer-Based Concept Mapping.." Buckley "Role of Formative Assessment in Instructional Technology"
2:00 Break Break Break Break Break Break
2:15 Ambos "The Promise of ‘Forever’ Orengo-Aviles, et al "Illustrations of a Constructivist Approach.." Abell "Assessing Student Science Learning" Bruno et al, "...Biology Students Solve Medical Cases.." Uno "The Top 10 Problems of Teaching and Learning Science." Lewis and Clark, "Embedding Study Skills in Dev. Algebra"
3:15 " Break Break " Break "
3:30 " Reilly "Restructuring Educational Pedagogy" Worley "Alternative Assessment" " Patrick "Using Physical and Computer Modeling to Make the Molecular World Real" "
3:45 Break " " Break " Break
4:00 Hydorn "Service Learning Projects in an Introductory Statistics Course" Magill "Reconstructing a Sec.Sci. Teacher Matrix.." Peelle "Teaching Mathematics with Computing " O'Hara "Turning on the Light" " Moore & Orengo-Aviles "Student Teaching Experiences:  An Olympic Success"
4:30 Vandergon and Rubin "Tomorrow’s Scientists: Training Future Teachers.." Selleck and Burrows "Email Correspondence Connects…" " " " "
"   "  
Saturday Ballroom Wilson/Harrison Jackson Jefferson Salons Commonwealth
8:30 Patterson "The Professional Society’s Role in Improving Science Education" Bergland et al " Using Pre-Service Science teachers as Research Assistants for Case It.." Gilmer et al "Experiential learning for pre-service teachers" Bansil et al  "ELMO Project" D'Avanzo et al "Higher Level Thinking. What is it? How to Teach and Evaluate It" Posters - See list
9:00 " " " " " "
9:30 " Break Break Break
9:45 " Macko et al "International Real Time Distance Science Education.." Hamlin et al " Early Field Experiences.." More & Hill "Integrating Calculus and General Physics.." " "
10:00 Break " " " Break "
10:15 Stone "...Peer Teaching in Collaborative Groups" Sramek et al "Video as a Tool to Change Attitudes.." " " Boeringer-Hartnup & Morrison "Directions Along the Path" "
10:45 " Kimmins & Phillips, "..Collaborative Staff Development Partnerships" Break " " "
11:00 " Ashkenazi "Interactive Chemistry Lecture Demonstrations" " " "
11:15 " Martin "The Nuts and Bolts of an Effective Workshop.. Break " Break
11:30 " " Patterson "Making the Connection between the Classroom and the Real World" Cole " WRITE ON!" " Lord "Comparing Student-Centered and Teacher-Centered Instruction.."
11:45 Smith "The Case Against the Quiz" "  
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:00 Browne "Women and Minorities in Science" Sumner & Hydorn "Environmental Mathematics.." West & Bell " Use of Inquiry-Based Course Components.." McCall et al "Teaching Apprentice Program.." Staebler "Mathematical Modeling of Science.." Bauman & Takkunen "Teacher Training"
2:00 Break Break Break Break " "
2:15 Davis et al "Engaging Students in Equitable.." Dray " Bridging the Vector Calculus Gap" Layman "Influence and Need for Inquiry-Based Learning" Ball "Facilitating Inquiry in College-Level Biology" " "
2:30 " " " " Break Break
2:45 " Forbes et al "Informal Learning Environments.." " Mintz & Wallman "Biotechnology Training.." Kinal "The Pyramid Exam" Joel "Alternative Teaching Strategies for Computer Science
3:15 Break Sheckels "Integrating Mathematics Content, Pedagogy and Field Experience Break Break " "
3:30 White Watson "The Stories of How Women Become Scientists" Brown & Benken "..Fostering Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics Instruction" Murray et al "SimForest.." Smith-Walters & Sadler "Sink or Swim" " "
3:45 " " " " Break "
4:00 Javed "Attracting Underrepresented Minority Students to Science.." Reeves "Following the Geometry Trail to Improved Learning and Teaching" Luera  “New Initiatives in Science Education." " Eder "Alternative Assessment and the Flight Simulator"
4:15 " Jabot "..Misconceptions-Based Elementary Science Methods Course" Gordon et al "Inquiry Science and Technology Integration Project" " " "
4:30 Hebble, et al  "NSF TEAMS" Berger et al "Assessing the Impact of STEMTEC on Organizational Culture" " Boyer "Implementation of SETI's "Voyages Through Time" " Judson "Promoting and Evaluating Reformed Instruction.."
4:45 " " " Baublitz "Teachers As Scholars" " "
8:30 open Dufresne et al "Assessing-To-Learn (A2L).." Tewksbury "Student Active Teaching" Penrose "Developing Problem-Based Learning Activities"