CETP Annual Meeting

April 17-18, Washington, DC


Teachers for a Multicultural Society:

Recruitment, Education, and Retention


Revised March 27, 2002



Wednesday, April 17


7:00 8:00 Dessert and Coffee Reception for early arrivals; registration


8:00 -9:30 Video Festival of CETP Related Media Projects

Videos from El Paso, Long Beach, Massachusetts, Louisiana, NY, Colorado State


Thursday, April 18


8:30-9:30 Opening Session and Keynote Address

Welcome by NSF, Joan Prival

Introduction of Keynote Speaker, Sue Thrasher, STEMTEC

Keynote Address: Linda Rosen, Senior Vice President, National Alliance of Business


9:30-10:30 Recruitment, Education, and Retention of Teachers for a Multicultural Society: Model Case Studies, Concurrent Sessions

Student Attitudes Toward Teaching and Team Teaching, Pearl Solomon, St. Thomas Aquinas

Problems and Issues with a Statewide Collaborative, Marj Enneking, Oregon Collaborative

Collective Responsibility for Developing New Teachers: Increasing Diversity, Arturo Pacheco, Dean, College of Education and Thomas Brady, Dean, College of Science, University of Texas El Paso, Donna Alford, Middle School Mathematics teacher; Lucy Abeyta, Middle School Mathematics teacher; Blanche Herrera, Elementary teacher, and Eric Shelton


Recruitment in a Non-Racially Diverse State, Richard Stebbins, University of Southern Maine


Early Field Experience and Teaching Assistantship Program, David Andrews, California State University, Fresno, FCEPT


10:30-10:45 Break


10:45-11:45 Teaching in a Climate of Reform (Panel)

Donna Alford, Wiggs Middle School, El Paso

Nan Carnal, San Francisco State University

Michael Marder, University of Texas

Rosamond Welchman, CUNY, Brooklyn

Allan Feldman, University of Massachusetts (moderator)


11:45-12:30 Small group discussions of issues raised by panel.

12:30-1:45 Lunch (Ending with reports from group discussions)



1:45- 2:45 Poster sessions: Reports from the Follow-On Projects

San Francisco Bay Area (MASTEP), Dan Walker, San Jose State University


Montana STEP and Virginia VCEPT, Telementoring Program for Beginning Science Teachers in Montana, Virginia, and California, Elisabeth Swanson and Reuben Farley

The Oklahoma Teacher Education Collaborative, O-TEC: Evaluation Strategy and Initial Results. Stacey Clettenberg, Curtis Miller, Dale Johnson, Simi Burn, and Bob Howard.

New York Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (NYCETP), Barbara Schroeder, CUNY

Louisiana Collaborative for Excellence in the Preparation of Teachers (LACEPT) Sally Donlan


Arizona Collaborative for Excellence in the Preparation of Teachers (ACEPT), Eugene Judson

Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation (MCTP), Kate Denniston

Department of Energy, Summer Research Experiences for CETP Pre-Service Students, Cindy Musick

Colorado RMTEC, Barb Wallner

2:45 - 3:45 Core Evaluation Report

Frances Lawrence

3:45 - 4:00 Break


4:00 - 5:00 Birds of a Feather Sessions

Divided by levels of maturity: follow-on; mature, newer

Topics: Institutionalization; Partnering Institutions: Challenges and Successes; Recruitment and Retention of Qualified Teachers (includes discussion of alternative certification routes)


Evening Opening Banquet for Pathways to Change 2002

Lynn Margulis, University of Massachusetts Department of Geo-Sciences