Pathways to Change Conference, April 18-21, 2002

Instructions for Manuscript Preparation



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1.Length: maximum length is 15 pages including references, tables and figures.

2. Overall Format: See attached example. Prepare the manuscript as a "camera-ready" document using Microsoft Word or Word Perfect in Times New Roman 12-point font, with figures and tables embedded and the text wrapped around the figures. Adobe Acrobat PDF files are also acceptable. Text should be single-spaced; double space between paragraphs. Leave 1-inch margins on each side and use 8.5 x 11 inch paper.  Indent the first line of each paragraph 0.5 inches.  Use this order: title, authors, abstract, text, acknowledgements, references. Use headings and subheadings as appropriate. Avoid footnotes. Do not number pages.


3. Title. Use BOLD CAPS and 12-point type for the title. Put a line between the title and the authors.


4. Authors. Right-justify the authors. List the names in CAPS, and the affiliation in italics. The affiliation should be below the authors names, and e-mail addresses should be included.


5.  Abstract. The abstract should be entirely indented 0.5 inches and justified on both the left and right side. Abstract: the abstract should be a concise statement (250 words maximum) of the objectives, course (or other focus) and approach, results, any evaluation, and conclusions.  It must be understandable without reference to the text.  Do not include statements such as “will be discussed”. 


6. Heading format:

Main headings: capitalize first letter only in bold type (e.g. Introduction) and left-justify the heading

Subheadings: Capitalize with normal type (e.g. SCHOOL LOCATIONS)

and indent  0.5 inches


5. Acknowledgements: acknowledge funding sources and people and institutions    

            who were helpful.


6.      Bios: Give a short biographical sketch of the authors.


7.      Reference format: Use numbers in square brackets [1] to cite references. These will be listed in numerical (not alphabetical) order at the end of the manuscript under the heading References.  See attached example for formatting of this section.


2.      Figure and Table Format: Place figure legends below figures and table legends above tables.  Abbreviate “figure” in the legend and in the text except at the beginning of a sentence.


Fig. 1. The figure legend is concise but allows a reader to understand the figure with minimum reference to the text.


Table 1. The same is true with the table legend.


9.   Due Date: Manuscripts are due January 15, 2002.


10.  Submit your manuscript electronically, either as an attachment via email to, or by using our online forms at



[Upload your manuscript][Sample manuscript]