An International Conference on Transforming Math and Science Education in the K16 Continuum


April 18-21, 2002

Doubletree Hotel, Crystal City, Arlington VA






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1. Janet Warburton, Arctic Research Consortium of the United States

    Wendy K. Warnick, Executive Director ARCUS

            “Arctic Alive!  An Innovative E-Learning Environment” 


2. James Golen, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

    Renate Crawford, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

    Ibrahim Kattan, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

    Namir Haboosh, Raytheon Electronics Systems

            “Raytheon/University of Massachusetts Dartmouth K-16 Engineering Collaboration”


3. Deborah Clark, Quinnipiac University

    Allan W. Smits, Quinnipiac University

    Edward R. O’Connor, Quinnipiac University

    Donald P. Buckley, Quinnipiac University

            “Coupling the BioQuest “3P’s” and Epistemological Scaffolding in Freshman Biology Labs to Promote Student Experience in the Process of Science”


4. Anton Lawson, Arizona State University

    Susan Wyckoff

    Chula Eslamieh

    Eugene Judson

            “ACEPT Outcomes and Continued Collaborations”


5. Rodney Heyd, Arizona State University

    Susan Wyckoff, Arizona State University

            “An Interactive Library for Math and Science Teaching”


6. Jeffrey Pommerville, Maricopa Community Colleges

    Stephen Williams, Glendale Community College

            “Systemic Reform in Science”


7. Ayala Galton, Hampshire College

    Tom Murray, Hampshire College

    Larry Winship, Hampshire College

    Neil Stillings, Hampshire College

    Esther Shartar, Hampshire graduate

            “Supporting Teachers in Adopting Innovative Software-Based Inquiry Curriculum for Forest Ecology”


8. Crisanne Hazen, California State University, Long Beach

            “Long Beach Elementary Science/Math Teacher Education Partnership”

            (No abstract)


9. Kim R. Finer, Kent State University/Stark

      Claudia Khourey-Bowers, Kent State University/Stark

      Cynthia Barb, Kent State University/Stark

      Penny Bernstein, Kent State University/Stark

            “Promoting and Modeling Inquiry in a Science Content Course”

10. Paul Ashcraft, Clarion University.
              "Using astronomical data to construct an understanding of the seasons."


[Keynote and featured speakers], [Symposia], [Panels], [Papers], [Workshops], [Posters]