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The initial deadline for applications was March 1, 2004, is it still possible for me to be accepted?

Applications received after the March 1 deadline will certainly be considered, but please remember that priority is given to those received on or before March 1. We will be reviewing applications up until just before the program begins, so we encourage you to apply.

When do the courses begin and end?

Classes start with Orientation and Education 524 the work of the High School and Middle School Teacher on May 25, 2004. The last course for the summer session is scheduled to finish on July 30, 2004. Then there will be a break for the month of August, and student teaching and related courses will follow the schedule of UMass's fall semester in September. Follow this link for the fall semester calendar:

How many credits are there altogether?

You will be responsible for 14 credits during the summer session and 15 for the fall.

What is the total program cost?

This tuition/fee schedule is subject to change. Tuition/fee information should be obtained from the Division of Continuing Education. For a description of fees, please refer to the current semesters Division of Continuing Education Catalog.

When is payment due?

Payment for the courses must be made with the Division of Continuing Education at the time that you register for them.

Final Comments

Please don't forget to check the Summer/Fall for Science and Math box on the top right side of the Post BA application, so we can be sure to process it correctly.

This program is funded in part by the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Teacher Education Collaborative (STEMTEC), and the National Science Foundation

Last updated: Febraury 2002
Created November 2000
Author: A.G., STEMTEC