Appendix I

The Five College/Public School Partnership was organized in 1984 to strengthen the education of children in western Massachusetts by improving communication and sharing resources among the members of Five Colleges, Incorporated, the school systems of western Massachusetts, and local community, business and cultural organizations. It is founded on the belief that school and college faculty share common interests about teaching and learning: a love of subject matter, a commitment to helping students learn and make use of information, and an excitement about their own professional development. Because of these shared beliefs, faculty from all levels of education can benefit greatly from collaboration with one another and with other members of our community.

Through collaborative efforts, faculty share information and resources, work together to create engaging educational materials, and design new ways to address the needs and concerns of today's students. The Partnership is dedicated to exploring a variety of collaborative models that can both support and strengthen the professional development of school and college faculty as they work together with the entire community to improve their individual classroom practices and enhance the learning of all their students.

Partnership Programs:

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