Appendix III-The UMass/K12s Internet Service

The UMassK12 team has pioneered in providing telecommunications services for Massachusetts K-12 teachers and students since 1986. It has offered full Internet access since 1993, first with a text-based system and more recently with a graphical interface option. Both systems feature access to a huge variety of educational resources with user-friendly interfaces and strong user support services. More than 8,000 teachers were introduced to the Internet by UMassK12, and it presently reaches over 2,000 Massachusetts classrooms. To visit UMassK12, telnet to; login as guest. The web site is at

UMassK12 is provided by the University of Massachusetts Amherst. With the assistance of other UMass campuses, the MassNet state college network, Westfield State College, Mount Holyoke College, and Franklin County Technical School, UMassK12 is available from many dialup access locations around the state. UMassK12 and its predecessors were begun with the aid of University of Massachusetts grants and were later supported by NSF teacher enhancement grants. It is presently supported by user fees plus donated networking services.

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