Teacher Recruitment

The evaluation team will document and evaluate the activities designed to increase the number of science, mathematics, and engineering majors choosing to become teachers, and to improve the induction of new science and mathematics teachers into the profession.

Formative evaluation will be accomplished through the use of observations, survey instruments, and focus groups to provide ongoing feedback to the PI's. Periodic reviews of progress with respect to identified milestones will inform management of any needed modifications to their efforts. A major function of the summative evaluation in the area of recruiting will be the documentation of the extent to which science and mathematics majors, especially women and minorities, choose to enter the teaching profession. Because of the symbiotic nature of this project, a second function of the summative evaluation is to determine the effect of the school/college interactions on both parties.

In addition to the evaluation and documentation activities described above, co-PI Feldman, an experienced program evaluator, will lead a team that will document the implementation and evolution of STEMTEC at the organizational level. Ethnographic and action research methods will be used to document the ways in which this multi-institutional reform project works. The information will be of particular importance to NSF in its attempts to replicate CTEP reform projects.

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Created June 2000
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