We will produce a video for college science and math faculty who want to learn about a variety of active learning approaches featuring examples of good teaching for prospective teachers. It will take viewers into classrooms so that they can see new, innovative ways of teaching and its effect on students as learners and teachers.

We will select examples of active learning: students working together on problems in large classes, learning through investigation, and using creative educational technology. The classes will differ in terms of subject, class size, and type of institution to bring home the crucial point that there is no "right way" to use these ideas and techniques. Despite these differences, the outcome for the courses is the same: students are actively engaged in learning science or math, they are excited about learning, and they talk and think about how they are learning. Teachers will discuss how they changed their teaching and why. Students will discuss their attitudes towards learning and teaching as a profession.

Co-PI D'Avanzo will organize this effort. She is the executive producer of the video "Learning Science and Math Together" which recently won a Silver Apple award from the National Educational Media Network and a certificate for creative excellence from the International Film and Video Festival. She will use the same production company, Spectrum Media, winner of numerous awards. Anker Publishers, which will distribute the video, sells to colleges and universities nationwide. Also, the Continental Cablevision Corporation will assist in dissemination of this video via its community channels. We anticipate that videos such as ours will be in demand as college reform efforts intensify.

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Created June 2000
Author: STEMTEC Webmaster