Faculty and Institutional Expertise

The Principal Investigator is Morton M. Sternheim, Professor of Physics. A nuclear physicist and textbook author, he has been actively involved in teacher professional development programs for over a decade. He is the Director of the STEM Education Institute (Appendix IV) and of the UMassK12 Internet Service project (Appendix IV). With Mary Alice Wilson, he has been the PI of two NSF-funded Five Colleges, Incorporated teacher enhancement projects. The Co-PI's provide a rich variety of experience and expertise in science teaching and teacher professional development. Richard Yuretich is Professor of Geosciences and Associate Department Head. He has been active in teacher development programs since 1990. Allan Feldman is Assistant Professor of Education; his field is science education with experience in pre- and inservice teacher education, and in program evaluation. He has had extensive experience as a middle and high school science teacher. Mary Alice Wilson is the Coordinator of the Five College/Public School Partnership and has built that organization into a major regional resource (Appendix I). Charlene D'Avanzo, Professor of Ecology, Hampshire College, is a leader in bringing modern pedagogy to college faculty, and also has produced an award winning video (Section 15.3). The evaluation team is exceptionally strong; see Section 11. Institutional demographics are tabulated in Appendix II.

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