Impact on the Preparation of Elementary School Teachers

Prospective elementary teachers seldom major in science or math and their only exposure to these areas is often just one or two introductory courses. Many of these courses are large, and if there is a lab, it is often of the cookbook variety. It is critical that these courses be redesigned to incorporate new pedagogical techniques to ensure that the learning experience is a positive one and it models the teaching practices that we hope to see in the schools. We need to instill confidence in these students in their ability to learn science and math and to teach it, as well as providing a real understanding of the nature of these fields. The fact that prospective elementary teachers usually decide early on a teaching career makes it straightforward to guide them into the appropriate courses once they are available. The teacher education advisors will work with STEMTEC to insure that this does happen.

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Created June 2000
Author: STEMTEC Webmaster