Coordination with Existing School Programs and Guidance Counselors

STEMTEC will take advantage of existing middle and high school programs to encourage women and minorities to consider becoming science and math teachers. All the colleges are currently involved in programs that connect directly to school students. These include Upward Bound (UMass, HCC), TechPrep West (HCC, GCC, STCC), the Science Enrichment Program (UMass), and the Skills Training Enrichment Program for middle school students (HCC); Hampshire is helping to develop the curriculum for Springfield's new Science and Technology High School. The directors of these projects, some of whom are directly connected with STEMTEC, will be urged to include activities in their programs that demonstrate the attractiveness of teaching as a career for women and minorities. In addition, STEMTEC will host a series of informational meetings for guidance counselors from the participating school districts to provide them with information about career opportunities in science and math, including teaching, for all students, and especially women and minorities. This program will be modeled on Smith College's Present Students, Future Scientists and Engineers Program which works with science and math teachers and guidance counselors.

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Created June 2000
Author: STEMTEC Webmaster