May 1999

STEMTEC is nearly through its second year of a projected five-year program. Thatís a good time to see what we have accomplished, and equally important, what remains to be done.

STEMTECís basic goals are to increase the numbers, diversity, and quality of new science and math teachers. Our principal focus is on the students at the eight STEMTEC colleges, but we also are committed to assisting other colleges in Massachusetts improve their science and math teacher preparation programs.

Providing well designed, student-active, science and math courses is the first step in achieving these goals, and much of our efforts to date have focussed on this area. Our emphasis now is turning toward developing student recruiting and support mechanisms.

Here are some highlights of what STEMTEC has done so far:

The list does not include some important work in progress such as preparing advising and recruiting materials and workshops, and developing a Five Colleges arrangement to share teacher preparation resources. A future column will report progress in these areas.


Created June 2000
Author: STEMTEC Webmaster