STEMTEC Approved Courses

STEMTEC approved courses include student-active approaches such as cooperative group work, even in large classes. Faculty teaching these courses have worked on them in workshops given by STEMTEC.

Section numbers are not provided, please contact the University of Massachusetts Registrar's Office at (413) 545-0555.



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Five College Course Guide for Hampshire College

NS 108 Marine and Fresh Water Ecology and Conservation D'Avanzo
NS 120/320 Healing: Western and Alternative Medicine Jarvis
NS 121p Human Biology: Selected Topics in Medicine Bruno
NS 134 Nutritional Anthropology Goodman
NS 135 The Human Skeleton Martin
NS 143 Ecology and Agriculture Schultz
NS 179p Local and Global Climate Change Roof
NS 196 Cardiovascular Physiology Bruno
NS 204 Physics I Reid
NS 205 Physics II Reid
NS 240 Elementary School Science Workshop Bruno
NS 244 Computers in Science Education Bruno
NS 246 Teaching Science in Middle School Bruno
NS 251 Modern Approaches to Preventing/Treating Cardiovascular Disease Bruno
NS 288 Interdisciplinary Teaching Bruno
NS 311 Science Education Seminar Bruno
NS 353 Seminar in Conservation Ecology D'Avanzo



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