STEMTEC Influenced Courses

STEMTEC-influenced courses may also be taught in a non-traditional way, but we cannot guarantee this. Faculty teaching STEMTEC-influenced courses have participated in our workshops but did not specifically revise this course in the workshop.

Descriptions of these course can be found by clicking below:

Five College Course Guide for Hampshire College


NS 121: Human Biology JARVIS/BRUNO
NS 329: Immunology JARVIS
NS 136: Natural Disasters REID
NS 288: Mineralogy REID
NS/CS 288: Interdisciplinary Teaching BRUNO
NS 121f Human Biology BRUNO
NS 244: Computers and Science Education BRUNO/MURRIAN
NS 251: Modern Approaches to Preventing and Treating                   Cardiovascular Diseases BRUNO
NS 233: Nutritional Anthropology GOODMAN
NS 123: Human Biological Variation: Exploding the myths of Race GOODMAN
NS 149f: Terrestrial Ecology and Natural History SCHULTZ
NS 147: Pesticide Alternatives SCHULTZ
NS 294: Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming SCHULTZ
NS 147: Pesticide Alternatives SCHULTZ
NS 265: Statistics and Experimental Design SCHULTZ
NS 109f: Weather- The Science of Tornadoes, Floods, and Droughts ROOF
NS 194f: Geological Controversies ROOF
NS 179: Local and Global Climate Change ROOF
NS 361: Landscapes, Environment and Chemistry ROOF
NS 353 Seminar in Conservation Ecology D'AVANZO


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