STEMTEC Influenced Courses

STEMTEC-influenced courses may also be taught in a non-traditional way, but we cannot guarantee this. Faculty teaching STEMTEC-influenced courses have participated in our workshops but did not specifically revise this course in the workshop.

Descriptions of these course can be found by clicking below:

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BIO 100: Introduction to Cell Functions Cotter
BIO 104: Biology Today I, II Bergquist
BIO 118: Human Anatomy and Physiology I, II Fowler
BIO 147: Veterinary Practice Management Maiolatesi
BIO 202: Animal Science Seminar II Maiolatesi
BIO 212: Trees and Shrubs Bergquist
BIO 243: Genetics Maiolatesi
CHM 101: General Chemistry I L'Heureux, Stengle, Dunny
CHM 102: General Chemistry II L'Heureux, Stengle, Dunny
CHM 113: Principles of Chemistry I L'Heureux, Stengle, Dunny
CHM 121: Inorganic Chemistry L'Heureux, Stengle, Dunny
CHM 124: Inorganic and Quantitative Analysis L'Heureux, Stengle, Dunny
CHM 119: Introduction to Biochemistry for Food Services Stengle
ESC 120: Introduction to Geology: Earth Processes L'Heureux
ESC 130: Introduction to Oceanography L'Heureux
LCO: What Matters: Old Myths & New Paradigms in Science and Literature L'Heureux
MTH: 104 College Algebra McChesney
MTH: 155 Topics in Mathematics McChesney


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