STEMTEC Approved Courses

STEMTEC approved courses include student-active approaches such as cooperative group work, even in large classes. Faculty teaching these courses have worked on them in workshops given by STEMTEC.

Section numbers are not provided, please contact the University of Massachusetts Registrar's Office at (413) 545-0555.



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Five College Course Guide for Mount Holyoke College

BIO 220 Cell Biology Gruber
BIO 327 Microbiology Knight
CHEM 202 Organic Chemistry I Browne
CHEM 302 Organic Chemistry II Browne
CHEM 306 Methods of Measurement Browne
EE 324 Advanced Sedimentary Systems McMenamin
GEO 202 History of the Earth McMenamin
GEOL 225 Evolution of North American Landscapes Savoy
GEOL 321 Paleontology McMenamin
GEO 250 The Biosphere McMenamin
I 121 Unity of Science I Dorfman
I 222 Unity of Science II Dorfman
MATH 120 Introductory Seminar in Geometry Morrow



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