STEMTEC Approved Courses

STEMTEC approved courses include student-active approaches such as cooperative group work, even in large classes. Faculty teaching these courses have worked on them in workshops given by STEMTEC.

Section numbers are not provided, please contact the University of Massachusetts Registrar's Office at (413) 545-0555.



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Course Guide for STCC

Please check with the faculty member to determine if the course is being offered.

BIOL 102 Principles of Biology I Dickerman
BIOL 102 Principles of Biology I Rapoport
BIOL 121 Microbiology Rapoport
BIOL 202 Principles of Biology II Dickerman
BIOL 340 Sectional Anatomy Gallo
CHEM 101 Survey of Chemistry I Barocas
ARTH 078 Pre-Algebra Magnier
ALGB 097 Elementary Algebra II McDonald
Math 123 Math for Early Childhood and Elementary School Teachers Brewer
STAT 142 Statistics Groeneveld



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