STEMTEC Approved Courses

STEMTEC approved courses include student-active approaches such as cooperative group work, even in large classes. Faculty teaching these courses have worked on them in workshops given by STEMTEC.

Section numbers are not provided, please contact the University of Massachusetts Registrar's Office at (413) 545-0555.



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Five College Course Guide for UMass

AST 100: Exploring the Universe Chang, Schneider
BIO 101: Introduction to Biology Lab I Brewer
BIO 312: Writing in Biology Kunkel
BIO 421: Biochemistry Lab Nomanly
CHEM 312: Analytical Chemistry for Non-Majors Tyson
EDUC 462: Principles and Methods of Teaching Science in Elementary School Davis
EDUC 197a: Exploring Teaching in Science and Math Feldman
ENGIN 191b: Introduction to Engineering Ganz
ENT 271/671: Insects in the Classroom Stoffolano
GEO 100: Global Environment Change McCoy
GEO 101: The Earth Condit
GEO 103: Introduction to Oceanography Brigham-Grette, Brown, Leckie, Yuretich
GEO 392: Earth System Science McCoy
MATH 245: Multivariate Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations with Computer Eisenberg
MICBIO 170: Plant Diseases: Feast or Famine Schumann
MICBIO 310: General Microbiology Goodwin
PHYS 597T: Conceptual Physics for Teachers Gerace/Emery/Murray
PHYS 114: Physics of Sound Mullin
PHYS 131: Introductory Physics I Hertzbach
PHYS 131: Introductory Physics I Rabin
PHYS 151: General Physics I Mestre
PHYS 151H: Honors Section Mestre
PHYS 152: Physics for Scientists and Engineers Mestre
PHYS 152H: Honors Section Mestre
PHYS 153: General Physics Lab I Langley
PHYS 282: Techniques of Theoretical Physics Chang
PHYS 530: Radiation Physics Sastry
PHYS 564: Introductory Quantum Mechanics Chang



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