To:†††††††††††††††††† Potential STEMTEC Campus Representatives

From:††††††††††††† Mort Sternheim,

††††††††††††††††††††††† Principal Investigator

Date:†††††††††††††† March 3, 2000

Subject:††††††††† Putting Together a Team for the Summer Workshop



We appreciate your interest in attending our Winter Workshop and learning more about taking part in our State College Initiative.We would like to take this opportunity to provde a few more details concerning participation.


The Institute will run from Sunday evening, July 16, to Thursday, July 20, and will be held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.One or two follow-up meetings will be held during the academic year. Participants will receive a $1000 stipend plus a meal allowance and dormitory lodging.


Applications for the Institute will be accepted from teams of faculty at colleges in Massachusetts who teach science, math, or education to prospective teachers (and possibly other students) and have interest and/or expertise in student active learning.Teams should normally have four college faculty, including at least one from education, plus a K12 teacher experienced in student-active learning. The teams will work together improving science and math preparation on their campuses.


We would appreciate your help in forming a team from your campus. To facilitate this, we are providing a few copies of a flyer to distribute and an application form for individual faculty. Please make copies of these if you need more. Note that the flyer has a place for you to put your name and contact information.


Your teamís application should be sent to me as a packet, with an application form and brief vitae for each participant and a short team application form. The packet should also include a brief statement of your collegeís vision for improving math and science teacher preparation. This statement can be written by you or a colleague. It should describe what has been accomplished already in your college to improve math and science teaching, and what else needs to be done.


The application deadline is May 1. However, we would like a letter (or e-mail) of intent as soon as possible. We have funding for 6 to 8 teams this. We hope to be able to reach most of the major teacher education programs in Massachusetts, but if we get too many applications, we will give weight to the size of the program and the likely impact of the Institute.


We know that serving as the campus representative will take a significant amount of time. We will ask you to be the primary contact with your team. To make that a bit less of a chore, we will be able to pay you a stipend of $500 for your service. Thatís in addition to the stipend for the institute if you are one of the participants from your college. We will also be providing a $500 stipend to an individual who can help us in some simple data collection activities in the Fall following the workshop.


Please call or email me if you have any questions.And, if you donít think you will be able to serve as the campus representative, we would appreciate it if you could locate a suitable colleague.