STEMTEC Faculty Fellows Program


Goal and Implementation


One of the primary goals of STEMTEC is to assist college science and mathematics faculty in improving the learning environment in their courses. This can be achieved by examining the relevant research on how students learn, using a variety of teaching methods and approaches to facilitate student engagement in the classroom, and assessing student learning in an equally diverse manner. The Faculty Fellows program will provide an informal atmosphere to encourage exploration, discussion, and testing of ideas that will result in the redesign of an undergraduate course by each participant.

The major components of the program are:

        Biweekly dinner seminars during Spring, 2002

        Access to STEMTEC resources on teaching and learning

        Program assessment by STEMTEC evaluator

        Preparation of individual plans for course redesign

        Continuation of dinner seminars in Fall, 2002

        Implementation of course plans

        Final portfolio

        $2,500 stipend


Seminars for Spring, 2002

General Format: These will be informal discussions centered on topics that will enable you to go beyond lecturing in your own teaching. We encourage you to try these out during the coming semester, and we ask that you report briefly on your experiences during the seminars beginning in March. By the end of the semester, we ask that you have a plan for your re-designed course, which will then be discussed among ourselves at our final meeting (May 7).

Sessions will be held at Five Colleges, except where indicated.


Book: We will be giving you a book, which is on back-order with the publisher:

Uno, Gordon, E. 1999. Handbook on Teaching Undergraduate Science Courses: A Survival Training Manual. Saunders College Publishing, 159 p.

Page references in the weekly list of topics refer to this volume. We will provide advance photocopies of the pages until the books arrive.



January 24: Introduction to Program

Teaching Goals

Feb. 5: Active Learning

Uno, Chapter V

Feb. 19: Informal Cooperative Learning

Uno, Chapter VI

Mar. 5: Formal Cooperative Learning (Problem Based Learning)

Uno, Chapter VI (continued)

Mar. 26: Assessing your students:

alternatives to traditional tests

Uno, Chapter VIII

Apr. 9: Using technology effectively

(session will be at alternate location)

Uno, Chapter IX

Apr. 23: Critical, Higher Order, & Expert Thinking

Uno, Chapter VII

May 7: Plans for Course redesign