STEMTEC Faculty Fellows Final Portfolio


STEMTEC Faculty Fellows   Guidelines for “final portfolio.”


          The portfolio is designed to give you a complete summary of how your course has developed, and it can also provide an interested observer with some idea concerning how you implemented, managed, and assessed your efforts. You can really design your portfolio in any way, and include as much as you would like, but the essential points that we would like to see (to be consistent with earlier faculty reports) include the following:  


1.    Narrative. This is your reflection on the whole process of course re-design,  and should for the central part of your report which should address the following issues:

a)                A statement of the goals you have for the course and the reasons for undertaking the re-design

b)                Description of student-active teaching and learning in your class

c)                Your view of successes and problems that you faced in implementing these changes

d)                Information that you have gathered that provides data on the efficacy of your teaching strategy (e.g. summaries of student evaluations, grades, attendance, class participation as compared with previous years)

e)                Whether and how the changes in your STEMTEC course have impacted your teaching methods in other courses.


2.     Attachments

a)                Course plan or syllabus. If possible, highlight the differences between “then” and “now.”

b)                Exams and other assessment tools. Explain any changes

c)                Other innovations (e.g. group projects, in-class-assignments, gallery walks etc.)

d)      Other examples of successful changes to the course.