Application for Inclusion of Course in List of STEMTEC Courses

A STEMTEC course has the following characteristics:

    It incorporates inquiry-based teaching methods

    It encourages students to work together in small groups in and out of formal class time

    It uses alternative forms of assessment

    Students engage in teaching activities to help them learn course content

STEMTEC is in the process of identifying those courses that have the above characteristics. The courses will be added to list of recommended courses for prospective teachers, as well as for students who seek a student-centered approach to teaching and learning.

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Please describe how your course exhibits the following attributes of a "STEMTEC Course"
  • Inquiry based (e.g., project based learning, problem based learning, labs that develop concepts)
  • Cooperative or group work (e.g., formal or informal groups, in or outside of the class situation.)
  • Alternative assessments (a form of assessment other than conventional paper and pencil tests, such as tests that consist of multiple choice items and/or items requiring students to construct either short or extended written responses.)


  • Teaching activities for students (e.g., K12 connections, peer teaching, class presentations, tutoring.)
Please write a 150-250 word description of your course that can be used for student advising. Draw upon your responses above to develop your description.