Request for Dissemination Travel Funds

Dissemination travel funds are intended to assist in “spreading the word” – helping other science and math faculty in adopting STEMTEC pedagogic strategies or course materials. For more information, see the Guidelines.



Your Name
Daytime Phone
Conference Title
Conference Location
Date(s) of Conference
Reason for Travel (Include your specific responsibilities, title of presentation or workshop, etc. If you have submitted a paper or an abstract to a conference, send STEMTEC a copy in paper or electronic form.

How will this travel support the mission and goals of STEMTEC?


Amount requested
  • Registration fees
  • Air fare
  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Ground transportation
Total Amount Requested
What additional sources of funding are or might be available to supplement STEMTEC travel funds?
Have you submitted an interim or final report and filled out a course application form?
Abstract if available