STEMTEC New Teacher Survey Form

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our short survey. Your feedback and ideas will be used by STEMTEC to shape a New Teacher Support initiative for new math and science teachers.


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1. Please describe the types of in-district professional development and support that is available to new math and science teachers.


2. Do you receive notices about workshops and professional development opportunities from the following agencies?

Hampshire Education Collaborative    yes no
PALMS    yes no
Five College Partnership    yes no
STEM Institute    yes no
Department of Education    yes no

3. How familiar are you with:

	1		2		3		4		5
	not at all familiar	somewhat familiar		very familiar
PALMS Curriculum Library at the Hampshire Educational Collaborative?     1  2  3  4  5  
Resource library at the WGBY Center for Instructional Technologies?     1  2  3  4  5  

4. Rank these programs in order of their impact on supporting you in your first few years of teaching. (1=would be most helpful, 6 = would be least helpful)

   Meetings With other novice teachers

   Content Based Workshops
   Pedagogy Workshops
   Meetings with expert teachers
   Technology training
   Curriculum Workshops

5. What would be most helpful to you in developing your individual professional development plan? (rank 1-4) (1=would be most helpful, 4 = would be least helpful)

   Curriculum users groups (Investigations, FOSS, etc.)
   Access to mini grant funds for supplemental curriculum materials
   Supplemental funding to attend state and regional professional meetings (NSTA, NCTM, MathWest, etc.)
   Personal allocations from your district for professional development


6. In a workshop or roundtable setting, what topics would most interest you? Rank 1-5 (1=most interest, 5=least interest).

   NSF Exemplary Curriculum
   Negotiating the teacher profession (union, administration, parents, ...)
   Classroom management
   Inquiry-Based Learning
   Content knowledge in the following field(s)

7. What would be the best time for programs to be offered? (1=best time 4=worst time):

     Weekdays:       3:30pm        4:00pm        5:00pm (w/ dinner)        6:00pm (w/ dinner)

     Saturday (choose one):     AM     PM

8. The furthest I would travel to attend programs/workshops on a weekday is:

9. The furthest I would travel to attend programs/workshops on a weekend is:

10. The furthest I would travel to attend a cohort group meeting on a weekday is:

11. The furthest I would travel to attend a cohort group meeting on a weekend is:

12. Please provide us with any additional suggestions or feedback you can give us regarding the development of a new science and math teacher support program in Massachusetts.

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If you have any questions or additional comments, please contact Johanna Rodrigues, STEMTEC Program Coordinator, [413] 545-0626, or Susan Fisher, [413] 545-2016