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This form is for the use of colleges in the STEMTEC Statewide Collaborative

The goal of STEMTEC is to provide more and better prepared science and math teachers at the K12 level by reshaping the training of educators. To further this goal, STEMTEC is making funding available for workshops that promote math and science education reform around the state. Workshop support funds are specifically intended to assist in several key STEMTEC missions, 1)“spreading the word” – helping other science and math faculty in adopting STEMTEC pedagogic strategies or course materials, 2) Supporting existing efforts on individual campuses or within regions through information sharing and/or transfer, and 3) Generating new ideas and/or techniques for reforming math and science teaching at the college level. Monies may be requested to support the implementation of a workshop, seminar or conference that meets one or more of the missions described above. Funds for any one request may not exceed $1,000.

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