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A + Math
Geared for elementary mathematics, this site provides interactive games and flash cards.

This is an upper secondary tutorial site with many mathematical topics and links.

Mathematical topics are listed first on this web site. With a click of the mouse you
will be selecting activities organized by grade level.

User-friendly menus make it easy for K-8 teachers to choose a math topic or subtopic.
For the students there are interactive practice and challenge games for each of the
multitude of math topics offered.

Awesome Library
Awesome Library provides links cataloged by both grade level and mathematical subject matter.

Brain Teasers
This site posts weekly brainteasers for grades 3-8. Solutions are revealed the following week.

Cool Math
Cool Math provides a mentor program for new teachers as well a teacher message board. This site also contains entertaining interactive thinking games.

Looking for something new and exciting to infuse into your mathematics lessons? Look no further! The Creativille site uses building construction to make the connection between classroom math and real world situations. For each topic there are student and teacher sections arranged by grade level (K-12).

Education World
This site appears to have the whole shebang! There are sections on different mathematical subjects, the National Standards, lesson plans, resources, message board, parent's information, interactive pages and links. You could spend an infinite amount of time exploring this site.

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC)
The ENC site identifies effective curriculum resources and offers information to benefit teachers and students interested in K-12 math and science teaching and learning. This site has hundreds of math-related Web sites, details and links about TIMMS (the international math test), math history, lesson plans, and professional development resources.

Activities from this site create real-time correlations between math equations and graphs that help students visualize and experiment with many concepts from Elementary Algebra through Pre-Calculus.

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
"Mark McGuire's 70th home run ball sold for $3 million in 1999. If Babe Ruth's 60th home run ball was worth $3,000 in 1927, and doubles its value every seven years, which would be worth more today?" This site features real-world math questions designed to motivate middle school students to learn higher-level math operations involving angles, volumes, number patterns, etc. By using high-interest everyday subjects for the activities, students become aware of how useful math is outside the classroom.

Harcourt Multimedia Math Glossary
Use this site to help students in elementary and middle school visualize challenging math ideas. Illustrations and animations of concepts such as sums, ordinal numbers, and telling time are available for young students, while items such as alternate interior angles and congruency are depicted for older students. The descriptions are categorized by grade level.

Here's an "illumination" indeed of the newly revised National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) math principles and standards. The site includes Web-based multimedia activities, video vignettes of teaching and learning, lesson plans, and a rich network of links. Here, a 2nd grader can learn about distance and angles as he figures out how to map a turtle's path to a pond online, or a high schooler can test her conjectures about why crows usually drop whelks from a certain height to break them open for food.

Lesson Plans
Math lesson plans and activities for K-12 are provided on this web site. Plans are itemized by grades and by specific math topic. This site also offers plans that integrate math into other subject areas.

Math Activities for K-12 Teachers
This site has mathematical activities for all grades and topics. What sets this site apart from others is that NASA data and information are used to make math real and interesting for the students.

Math Archives
This University of Tennessee site offers a host of math-related links, teaching materials, and shareware for teachers and students at all levels of math. Here are just two appealing sources of info: Project NExT and POPMathematics.

Math Comics
Need a little humor in your classroom? The Math Comics site will provide you with a change of pace with it's all comics format! This site is just for the fun of it!

Math Education
A site similar to this list! It provides links and brief descriptions to a lengthy list of mathematics web sites.

Math Goodies
Geared towards middle school, this site has interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, puzzles and more.

Math Forum
This is a comprehensive site covering K-college math teaching. This site contains Problem of the Week, Teacher2Teacher, Web Units and Lessons sections. There is also a "Browse By Level" section filled with specific topics and activities, which is user friendly.

Math Lesson Plans and Units
On this site you are able to search hundreds of lesson plans that are displayed first by grade level, then by math subjects.

Mega Math
This site is intended to bring unusual and important mathematical ideas to elementary classrooms. "Mathematics is lively and exciting; it is a field more akin to art and poetry than many people think," say the Mega Math authors at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. They go on to provide activities and explanations for some high-level mathematical concepts. What is infinity plus 1? Why does a map never need to contain more than four colors? How does a minimum dominating set help people figure out where to put airports and subway stations?

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics
"Hands on" gets virtual at this site, which collects uniquely interactive, Web-based manipulatives or concept tutorials aimed at K-8 math learners. With the aid of JAVA applets, students can visualize such concepts as the Pythagorean Theorem, tessellation, base 10, or comparing fractions. This site has received an award from the National Science Foundation.

National Math Trail
The National Math Trail is an opportunity for K-12 teachers and students to discover and share the math that exists in their own environments. Students explore their communities and create one or more math problems that relate to what they find. Teachers submit the problems to the National Math Trail site, along with photos, drawings, sound recordings, and videos--whatever can be adapted to the Internet. All submissions will be posted to the site as they are received. They are also indexed according to grade level and math topic and will remain on site for access by educators, students and parents. A projects oriented site that is worth exploring.

S.O.S. Mathematics
This site provides math review materials on topics ranging from Algebra to Differential Equations.

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