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Science Websites

Access Excellence Activities Exchange
You can search this biology site by grade and subject. There is an archive collection of lesson plans as well as a scientific mystery section.

Ask Eric
This site allows you to choose a science subject, then a topic, all by grade level.

Cody's Science Education Zone
Good quotes for your bulletin boards, white boards, chalk boards, website, and/or weekly/daily schedules.

Cosmic Quest
Check out the section on designing a space station, very interactive and fun!

Discovery School
K12 easy to navigate detailed lesson plans with worksheets. Quiz making abilities, lots of links to very detailed information. Best for middle school teachers. Many science fields are covered by both topic and grade level. Excellent Resource!

Frank Potter's Science Gems
Lesson plans are listed here by topic and "minimum grade levels" are suggested.

For all science topics. Connect to, which is a good interactive site for basic chemistry, periodic table, matter, also has on line quizzes but no lesson plans. Not lesson plans but chock-full of great information in an easy to read style. Great resource for student research projects.

The K-12 Teaching and Learning Center
Lots of good lesson plans based on subject and grade levels. Be sure to click onto K-12 TLC Guide to Problem Solving. It's a great resource for start-up activities.

Lesson plans Page
Science lesson plans are listed by grade and topic on this web site.

Lesson Planz
At this site using both grade level and topic you can search subject matter.

Middle School Science Resources
Be sure to click on the Whelmers link they have some neat hands-on activities.

Middle School Science
Practical lesson plans. Be sure to check out Mr. Bruckner's Science help site, he has lots of good tips for new teachers!

NASA Solar System Exploration Forum
NASA approved lesson plans categorized by subject and grade level.

The Nine Planets
Detailed information on our solar system, good for research projects and/or Internet scavenger hunts! No lesson plans here.

Pro Teacher
Easy to read lesson plans, great Expert Section (grades 6-12) which lets students use recently acquired knowledge to make real life decisions. Cadet Section is for students grade 2-8. As a teacher you would need a password to get to assignments and grading.

Pro Teacher
You pick the subject, then topic, but no grade levels. Leads to many activities.

Science Lesson Plans and Resources Cloud Net
This site provides a listing of links by topic. Both general science and specific topics are covered. Great list of sites with links to everything you need for your lesson plans.

Science Lessons
This site contains many of the science subjects and lists them in a user-friendly manner. You pick the topic and grade level and you get a list of lesson plans.

Science Lessons
Earth and physical science lesson plans listed by topic, but not grade level.

Science Mini-lessons K-5
Over 100 lesson plans for elementary grades.

Science Misconceptions
Explained and explored.

Science Power
This astronomy site provides a listing of lesson plans and activities.

The Science Spot
Great place to go to for daily trivia challenge questions. Has links to factoids and cool facts of the day.
Check out AskERIC, Big Chalk. Blue Web'n Earth Science, and Exploring Planets in the Classroom. There are a number of old and disconnected links at this site unfortunately. It's not a site for quick to get to lesson plans but it is a good overall resource guide.

Space Themes
Resources, handouts, lesson plans, and web-based activities. Great resource for an Internet scavenger hunt.

Study Web
Great source of lesson plans and good links to lists of other sources.

The Teachers
Great section in teacher resources, the nuts and bolts of how to set up and run your classroom.

Teachers First
Lessons are listed alphabetically. They come from a wide range of sources: Smithsonian, NASA, ERIC and different universities.

Teachers First
Hands on lesson plans are listed by grade and topic on this site. WebsWireWaves has a great section on individual women scientists!

Input from veteran teachers, lots of ideas for bulletin boards. Geared more towards K-4 lessons than secondary just click on the subject you are searching in the left-hand column on the home page and you've got lesson plans. Be sure to check out while you're here.

Technology Enhanced Learning for Teaching in Science
Good resource for research projects, however, this site is very light on lesson plans. It could be added to your Internet scavenger hunt.

Web 66: A K12 World Wide Web Project
Great hands-on activities that are updated frequently.

World School Science Lesson Plans
Lesson plans listed by grade.

Other Resource Sites with lots of links:

Earth Science/Geography Educational Listings
Easy to use as the information is listed by subject and/or age/school group.

Education Planet
You need to become a member (no charge) to have access to the lesson plans. Don't worry about it, the games/jokes/quizzes and links will keep you going for a long time.

Lesson plans and activities
Lots of links and lesson plans. Some links are not working like Education Station.

Trivia Activities:

Great source for test/quiz reviews using either the games or the online quizzes.

Smithsonian Center for Education
Pick a topic and a grade level, the site gives you a series of lesson plans for one unit of study. It's as easy as that!

New Teacher Information:

New Teacher
Click on "for educators" and check out links for new teacher tips, this site gives you some very handy nuts and bolts on how to start the school year and your teaching career.

Classroom Management:

About Elementary Educators
This site is listed for elementary teachers but the daily how-to's apply to all grade levels.

Access Excellence Mentor Net
Pick a topic that you have an interest or question in and get connect to local mentor teachers via email who will help you out.

Classroom Management
Classroom set up, list of things to do before school starts, classroom management practices, etc… Be sure to check out the "Beginners Guide to Figuring Your Grades" some things you don't learn in grad school!

Connected Mathematics Project- Management and Grading Ideas
Designed for math teachers but some sections such as "when students are absent" apply to everyone.

Education World
Check out the "Best of "series in the Reference Center. Everything from classroom management to what it's like to teach abroad can be found with just one click on this site.

Middle Web's The First Days of Middle School
Lots of information and practical advice. Look through the Icebreakers 2000 section for some neat ideas/activities to do with your students on those first few days of school or when you all need a little break.

Riddles and More Riddles
Mind your p's and queues this is an Australian site with lots o witty, brain starting riddles.

The Science Spot - The Idea Factory
This site contains a lot of information about the nuts and bolts of being a teacher. It contains suggestions from veteran teachers about what works in their classrooms and why.

TEAMS Distance Learning - Professional Development
By learning what not to do we have a better chance of getting it right don't you think? Read some of "Avoid the Pitfalls of Mediocre Lesson Plans" and see what you think.

Fun Things to Do:

Quick and Easy Activities
Pick a grade level and this site will list science activities alphabetically.

The Science House
Great hands-on activities to help reinforce class lessons.

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