Guidelines for Requesting STEMTEC Dissemination Travel Funds


STEMTEC has a budget line to support faculty travel for disseminating the insights and products of our collective project. Our web site, at, offers both an online travel request form and a Microsoft Word version that you can download, complete, and return to Marie Silver, Project Manager. Since our funds are limited, smaller requests are more likely to be funded than large ones, as are requests with partial funding from other sources.

Other things that might be useful to know when applying for travel funds:

  1. Dissemination travel funds are set aside to spread STEMTEC course innovations and other STEMTEC models regionally and nationally. The funds generally are not available to fund faculty development (e.g., a trip to simply attend a workshop on student-active learning or a conference on calculus reform).

  2. Think broadly about ways you might disseminate our collective work. Just a few examples of dissemination efforts STEMTEC can fund: A trip to a regional or national conference to present a paper about the success of your course reforms or the overall efforts of STEMTEC; a workshop at an institution outside the Collaborative on developing problems for PBL in introductory chemistry courses or ways to address diversity in biology labs; the presentation of a joint poster session with a college or K-12 STEMTEC colleague about teaching experiences for undergraduates or the potential of K-16 collaborations; the demonstration of your newly designed web-based tutorial or virtual field trip. Again, these are only a few examples; you should think liberally about dissemination outlets and strategies.

  3. Strictly speaking, the funds approved by NSF are for participant travel. However, the funds potentially might be used to support dissemination costs other than travel—e.g., page charges in a journal publishing your article on course redesign, the production of a short video to accompany a conference presentation, the construction of a web page documenting and promoting new assessment strategies within the Collaborative. If in doubt about whether your dissemination efforts are eligible for STEMTEC dissemination funds, please ask. We’ll run it by NSF and see what they say.

  4. Dissemination travel funds are available to both college and K-12 participants in STEMTEC, but since we are funded by NSF’s Division of Undergraduate Education, a significant proportion of the dissemination audience must be higher education.

  5. STEMTEC dissemination travel funds are designed primarily for travel within the United States and Canada. Travel outside this area is possible only with specific permission from NSF. However, STEMTEC can support international travel for dissemination purposes if the travel supports the basic mission of STEMTEC—curriculum reform in support of improving the preparation, numbers, and diversity of K-12 science and math teachers.
  6. 10/1/99. You must submit your interim or final report on your course revision efforts along with your completed STEMTEC course application (see form at in order to be eligible for dissemination travel funds.