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Amherst College, G Community College, Mount Holyoke College, , University of Massachusetts School Systems of Amherst, Franklin County, Hadley, Holyoke, Northampton, South Hadley, Springfield

Pelham Elementary School: There is a new and growing mentor program at Pelham Elementary School. High school and college students, parents and community members are welcome and urged to share their talents, specialties, hobbies and knowledge with elementary school students. So far, the elementary school students have had mentors in: gardening, musical instruments, writing, cartooning, drama, the stock market and a Science Club. The science club (comprised of about 12 third and forth graders) was led by students from Amherst Regional Sr. High School.. The high school students did science activities for about an hour each week.

Key Words: Mentor, Teaching opportunity, science club, high school students as tutors

Contact: Pelham Elementary School: 253 - 3595. Claudia Weinberg (parent who started the program): 253 - 7513

Girls Incorporated of Holyoke: Girls Inc. is an after-school program for girls ages 6-18. The purpose of Girls incorporated programming is to enable girls to be strong, smart and bold and achieve their full potential. Girls Inc. aims to build girls’ capacity for confident and responsible adulthood, economic independence and personal fulfillment.

Girls Inc provides educational programs for girls which are research-based and extensively evaluated for effectiveness. Girls Inc. has teamed up with area colleges, local businesses, schools, and other organizations to provide new opportunities for girls. Some of the programs provided are: Operation S.M.A.R.T. (Science, Math, and Relevant Technology) which excites girls about pursuing math and science through enjoyable hands-on activities;

Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy, which helps girls take control of their bodies and their futures; Friendly PEERsuasion which teaches teens to educate each other to stay away from drugs; Cool Resolvers which is a peer led violence prevention and conflict resolution program; H.I.P. (Healthy, Informed, Peers) which is a peer led HIV/AIDS awareness program; Culture and Heritage which helps girls learn more about the world around them; Sports and Adventure which includes four sports plus outdoor activities; and Homework Help which is one on one homework help four days a week.

Key Words: Promoting achievement for girls,

Contact: Kathy Horne (Director) (413) 532 - 6247

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